3D Printing

Got a 3D printer? Then you can easily make this awesome power supply

Some time ago i transformed my CB radio power supply into a variable workbench power supply. I added my own board with a microchip microcontroller to sense voltages, monitor temperatures and display all this information in a small display. The project can be found...

Tevo Tarantula i3 3D printer - Unboxing

  The TEVO Tarantula 3D printer was my choice for my first 3D printer. Although this is a very affordable machine, it has very good reviews and does not have any printed parts like most printers in the market. The structure is all metal with 20x20 and 20x40 aluminium profile. There are many...

Welcome to the world of 3D Printing

Greetings and welcome to my new section. This new section will be dedicated to 3D Printing. If you are a 3D printing fan stay tuned for new posts with ideas, tips, upgrades, etc.   Cheers :)